Chavdar Petrov


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"Chavdar is a free spirit, with pure poetic impulses, preserved in a time of house and destruction. An artist who lives on his planet, in harmony with nature, the stars, the sky and the sea, with the language of spiritual light, childish naivety and wonder at the beauty of nature. His paintings are as much poetic messages, so they bear the signs of a word that has not yet been read, with which the ancients communicated with the universe ",
Svetlin Roussev

And what is victory? "I want to be satisfied with what I'm doing at some point. At least 70-80%. In the next stages I try to complete these things. What I could not portray in my previous works, I could achieve in future ones. This is a constant struggle. But I must never, I am talking about all authors in art, compromise - not to compromise. The struggle is with yourself. I improvise, in the process of work I improvise and I am guided by intuition. I have always strived to be guided by my emotional feeling, out of intuition and to do things I want to do, although I don't always show them. If I want to do something, I have to do it. There are some colleagues who say - this is my style, I have to do just that. Everyone is right, but when something comes to me from within and I want to do it, even if it is a realistic landscape, I do it. I want to do it for myself. From there, I decide whether to show it or not.